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Strategically located in St. Louis, MO, Architectural Metals serves manufacturers of products that use aluminum or stainless steel. Customers include makers of commercial and residential windows, commercial contractors, and the food and automotive industry. We perform a variety of work for manufacturers including break metal work, welding, and painting. At Architectural Metals the customer is our number one priority. Through our experienced sales staff we strive to provide our customers with a professional and hassle-free experience from order to delivery.

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Customized Services:

Let us fulfill your customized order! We shear, form, punch and custom fabricate aluminum or stainless steel. Our system accompanies a wide range of dimensions for break metal forming - up to 144 inches in width by 1/8 inch thick or up to 1/4 inch thick for shorter lengths. When it comes to finishing your product we offer versatility in size and color. Our tanks support lengths up to 24ft and widths of 30 inches (clear) and 12 inches (color). We supply Kynar paint colors for aluminum extrusions and fabricated aluminum, as well as sheet metal.


  • Shear, Form, Punch and Custom Fabrication
  • .031, .050, .062, and .125 Thickness
  • Lengths up to 12' and 30'


  • Mill Finish
  • Clear Anodize
    • 204-R1 Class II
    • 215-R1 Class I
  • Bronze Anodize
    • 311-2S Light Bronze
    • 312-2S Medium Bronze
    • 313-2S Dark Bronze
    • 315-2S Black
  • Paint
    • 50% Acroflur Painted Finish
    • 70% Fluropon Painted Finish